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Five Ways To Nightscape With Beautiful Outdoor Fixtures

What exactly is nightscaping? It’s landscaping with light fixtures so that your outdoor areas can look just as good in the shadows of the night as they do during the light of day!

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Why should you invest in good nightscaping? Because it’s not just to beautify your gardens, patios, and porches for the duration of the night – it’s there to provide illumination for when you want to get some fresh air, want to enjoy some time outside, or even just simply want to sit on the porch with a hot mug of coffee.

Nightscaping is an important part of making your house a home, and if you’re searching for some creative outdoor fixtures to do that, then you’ll definitely appreciate this list:

Light always follows the path of the beautiful.


The One Light Hanger Lantern

This particular outdoor lighting fixture resembles a pendant light and is designed for semi-covered areas. It would make an amazing addition to a porch, verandah, or pergola covered barbeque area. The dark copper and bronze finish is perfect for adding a stylish aura to your landscaping. The modern-contemporary designing will add a fashionable vibe to your outdoor areas. You can accompany it with accent furniture made out of either mild steel, rattan, or wicker. It’s the perfect lighting fixture to spruce up your semi-covered outdoor areas with!

One Light Post Mount

This dichotomous modern-vintage pole lighting fixture is the perfect way to illuminate your gardens and outdoor areas with professionalism and panache. You can install a number of these on the periphery of your garden pathway, or simply affix as many as you need around your outdoor patio, barbeque, or pool areas for an inherently glamorous look.

LED Outdoor Pier Mount

If you want to highlight certain parts of your landscape during nightfall, then you can install this pier mount LED fixture around them. Its sleek, modern, and highly minimalist design means that you won’t notice its presence, but will definitely enjoy its illumination. You can use a number of these to light up a flagstone pathway in your garden. You could even mount it on decorative pillars or pilasters on your exterior wall elevation (if you have any). This particular outdoor lighting fixture would especially look great in Zen garden patios and barbeque areas!

LED Security Spot Light With Motion Sensor

This wall-mount LED security spotlight is the perfect nightscaping addition for large and luxurious homes. It’s a smart lighting fixture installed with a motion detector. So, if you like taking walks in your garden during the night, then you can simply install this LED on your exterior wall or a pole, and it’ll light your way up.

Four Light Wall Lantern

If you’re searching for something to spruce up your home exterior or elevation with, then this wall lantern would be the perfect choice. It’s got that whimsical aura that captures the fantastical vibe of classical design elements. However, it comes with a modern twist and would accent your house exterior beautifully. You can even affix a pair of these to either side of your main entrance door (or the columns that guard it). They’ll provide excellent nightscaping once the sun sets and the bulbs inside are switched on.

All of these outdoor lighting fixtures are unique, stylish, and a great way to enhance your landscaping during the nighttime.

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